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India Scraps Free Movement Regime with Myanmar Amid Security Threats

New Delhi: The Government of India has abolished the Free Movement Regime (FMR) between India and Myanmar with immediate effect.

Rajat Tiwari Rajat Tiwari

Muizzu Throws Down Gauntlet: Maldives Sets Deadline for Indian Military Exit.

Maldives-India Tensions Rises as Muizzu Demands Troop Withdrawal by March 15th Maldivian President Mahamad Muizzu, who recently returned from a

Rajat Tiwari Rajat Tiwari

Escalating Tensions: Pakistan and Iran Engage in Airstrikes, Prompting Global Concern

Pakistan and Iran : In a series of escalating events, Pakistan and Iran find themselves entangled in a conflict marked

Akash Mishra Akash Mishra