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PM Modi Inaugurates First BAPS Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi, Marking Historic Moment

Abu Dhabi, UAE: In a landmark event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first BAPS Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi, the

Akash Mishra Akash Mishra

PM Modi Makes Seventh Visit to UAE, Inaugurates Temple and Meets President

New Delhi: PM Modi is on a 2-day visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from today. This is PM

Rajat Tiwari Rajat Tiwari

Muizzu Throws Down Gauntlet: Maldives Sets Deadline for Indian Military Exit.

Maldives-India Tensions Rises as Muizzu Demands Troop Withdrawal by March 15th Maldivian President Mahamad Muizzu, who recently returned from a

Rajat Tiwari Rajat Tiwari