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Andhra Pradesh Elections 2024 : Will the TDP-Jana Sena Partnership Upend YSRCP’s Rule?

New Delhi, February 24 : With the release of the first lists of candidates for the upcoming Assembly elections by the

Akash Mishra Akash Mishra

Chandigarh Mayor Polls Chaos: Allegations Abound as Elections Abruptly Postponed

In a surprising twist, the Chandigarh Mayor Polls, a crucial political battleground, witnessed unforeseen turmoil as today's scheduled elections were

Akash Mishra Akash Mishra

Supreme Court on Chandigarh Mayor Election: Deeply concerned about ‘Horse Trading’

New Delhi: Today the hearing of Chandigarh Mayor election was held in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has ordered

Rajat Tiwari Rajat Tiwari