Elections and Campaigns

Beyond the rallies and slogans: Decoding the strategies, personalities, and promises shaping India’s electoral landscape.

PM Modi Inspires Youth to Be Architects of India’s Future at ‘Namo Navmatdata Sammelan’

In a compelling address at the 'Namo Navmatdata Sammelan,' Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the pivotal role of the youth

Akash Mishra Akash Mishra

India’s Opposition Makes Power Move: AAP-Congress Alliance Shakes Up Lok Sabha Landscape

New Delhi, February 24 : The upcoming Lok Sabha elections in India are set to witness a major political development

Akash Mishra Akash Mishra

Will They, Won’t They? Rahul Gandhi Says Mamata’s In, But Cracks Widen in INDIA Alliance

Despite public pronouncements of unity, doubts cloud the future of the INDIA Alliance as key players diverge on crucial issues.

Akash Mishra Akash Mishra